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Government Funded Care Home Placements – The Requirements

In many cases, an individual will be eligible for a state funded placement in a care home in the UK. However, there are certain requirements which need to be met before a state funded care home placement can be offered.

While talk of “criteria”, “requirements” and “thresholds” may seem cold and impersonal where the well-being and quality of life of an individual are concerned, these restrictions do allow the government to provide funding for care to those who need it most.

Assessed Capital

The government will provide funding to care home users if their assessed capital is less than £23,250. Your local authority will assess your capital and provide financial assistance accordingly.

If your capital is assessed at between £14,250 and £23,250, you will receive funding but will be required to supplement this funding with an additional tariff. The additional tariff will be equal to the basic tariff, plus £1 per week for every £250 your capital exceeds £14,250.

The basic rate is £22.30 per week, so if your capital is assessed at £14,500 you will pay £23.30 per week; if it is assessed at £14,750 you will pay £24.30 per week and so on, up to a maximum of £31.30 per week.

If your capital is assessed at below £14,250, the basic rate of £22.30 per week applies.

Top Ups

In some cases, the cost of care may exceed the total that the local authority is able to provide as funding. In these cases the government requires that you acquire third party funding to supplement the funding offered by the government. This is known as ‘topping up’.

Local authorities do not permit you to top up the care fees yourself.

Care Requirements

The local authority will assess the care that an individual requires. In order to qualify for funding, you must select a care home that the local authority deem suitable to handle the level of care you require.

However, you can still select a care home of your choice, providing it meets the standards of care required by the local authority. The care home can be anywhere in the country, so your selection is not restricted to the boundaries of the local authority in question.
Use our interactive map to find care homes in the area you require.