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Care Homes For Younger People

It isn’t just the retired that may require the services of a care home, adults between 18 and 65 may also find themselves in need of residential care.

If you or someone you know falls into the above category, there are options open to you.


There are a variety of circumstances that can result in an individual requiring residential care. Alcohol or substance dependency are two of the major reasons for an adult between 18 and 65 receiving treatment in a residential care home.

As of April 1st 2013, there were 197,110 thousand individuals in contact with alcohol or drug treatment services in Britain, many of these undergoing residential care programs. However, these are far from the only reasons that might make an individual seek residential care.

Mental health issues constitute another prevalent reason for an individual having to leave their home to receive adequate care. Due to increased levels of education and openness with regard to the subject, mental health problems have become increasingly demystified and – to an extent – destigmatized.

It is estimated that 230 people out of every 1,000 will seek help from their GP as a result of a mental health issue this year. Of these people, six will become inpatients in psychiatric institutions or care units as result.

Brain injuries and other debilitating conditions as the result of illness or accident may also result in an individual requiring residential care, as may learning disabilities. These are amongst the most common reasons for 18 to 65 year olds turning to residential care.

Next Steps

Adults between 18 and 65 who require residential care are likely to need specific levels and forms of care that a standard home may not be able to provide. If you feel that you are in need of this sort of care – as a result of one of the above circumstances or due to any other reason – you are encouraged to seek advice from your GP.

They will be able to advise you on what sort of care you may need. Depending on your situation, this care may be available on the NHS, or you may have to source and pay for it yourself. The Carehomes Finder team can assist you with finding a suitable home in your area, providing you have all the requisite details of what you require.

It may be that you are prescribed residential care following a stay in hospital or treatment at another institution. As above, you may be entitled to residential care on the NHS – or, at least, an allowance towards paying for it.

For more information on NHS care funding for people of all ages, please click here.