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At-Home Care: The Role a Residential Carehome Can Play

The administration of care is divided into two distinct – if rather general – categories: at-home care and care offered at a dedicated residential carehome.

For some people, at-home care may be the most appropriate option, dependent on their needs. This can be for a variety of reasons, but most often it will be because of the financial concerns related to moving into a carehome combined with the physical and emotional benefits of remaining in your own home for as long as possible.

However, this does not mean that a residential carehome cannot play a part in the administration of this style of care. 
Many carehomes will offer care on a short-term basis, most often for people whose needs are classed as recuperative – i.e. they are receiving a higher level of care until they are in a state of health that means they no longer require it.

These carehomes will also offer short-term care to those whose needs are classed as long-term and are receiving care in their own homes. This allows the person receiving care at home to enjoy a change of scenery and a break from their home care routine. It also gives them the opportunity to socialise with some new faces in the carehome.

This sort of care also allows for a spell of more intensive, round-the-clock care, should the patient require it. Someone with a long-term condition punctuated with intensive but short-term phases of worsening symptoms could find this model of care ideal.

Also, tailoring the patient’s care in this way gives the at-home carer a much needed spell of respite. The Carehome Finder team feel that at-home caregivers are some of society’s most un-sung heroes, and so we applaud any strategies that make their lives that little bit easier.

Contact the Carehome Finder team or use the tools on our site to discover which residential homes offer can offer you this model of care.